Booking a trip to the Grand Canyon for him

My fiance is a big time hiker.

  • When he was a kid his family would go on these long hiking trips plus make camp in the wilderness.

They would bring their own food, fish, pitch a tent, plus pee in the woods… My fiance enjoyed it plus talked about it fondly. That was not my experience as a kid. My great friend and I didn’t camp ever. My great friend and I consistently had laundry, a lavatory, plus eating establishments nearby, but it has been quite a compromise for the two of us. When my buddy and I holiday my fiance consistently wants to hike plus camp. I force myself to find us long adventurous hikes where my buddy and I can see amazing sights plus my fiance can feel like this is a big movie moment. I basically just sit around fatigued plus bored. I consistently refuse to camp during the hikes. Well this year my fiance is turning 30. I figure I owe him a big trip. I have planned for us to fly into Phoenix, Arizona. My great friend and I are going to immediately hike the Grand Canyon. I found online that you can hike down the canyon plus camp there if you wanted to. I don’t want to, however I know he will be all over it. I am planning on one day of hiking plus two evenings in the canyon. That is going to suck for me, however I know my fiance will actually like it. Then when my buddy and I are done my buddy and I will appreciate the neighborhood of Phoenix plus have access to a shower plus a lavatory. That part will be totally for me.

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