Visiting my friend in Plano TX

I ended up visiting my friend Taylor who lives in Plano, TX; It is amazing how tepid the state of TX is, then he gets into the 90s all Summer long; The heat is just brutal plus it is a dry, stale heat that sort of makes it hard to breathe.

I am not used to that at all. My Summer season means I can wear shorts plus a tank top while in the afternoon, then at night I need a blazer. My family condo doesn’t bother with any a/c. It simply doesn’t get hot enough plus stay that way. Taylor has his a/c component running basically 24/7. In the summertime, he relies on several indoor air handlers all set to the same temperature. It is required to make the entire apartment a nice, cooled down temperature… But, the shoe is on the other foot… When it comes to the winter time season I know that he isn’t too uneasy about heating. I think he owns a ductless heat pump that periodically gets used on a colder night, but for me, my condo has three separate heaters. I need one upstairs, one in the dining room plus one in the kitchen. It is wild how my pal and I both live in the United States plus the weather has us prepared for vastly weird conditions. I am prepared for snow plus power outages. She is prepared for intense heat that doesn’t go away. My friend seems unquestionably enthusiastic in his section of Plano, TX. I know I wouldn’t want to live there full time though.

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