Hockey in the south

My teenagers are starting to get into hockey… In FL it isn’t actually the athletic interest that teenagers do… The weather is tepid basically all year around; So not several teenagers are thinking about winter time athletic interests. They actually should though! FL has two professional hockey teams, the Panthers plus the Tampa Bay lightning. They both do actually well in the Stanley cup playoffs. So why aren’t more teenagers playing? I am actually blessed that I live in Jacksonville FL. So my boys have several ice rinks to choose from. I started them all out in the learn to skate program, however now my boys each have their own hockey team. I have a forward, defensemen, plus a goalie living in my household, my goal is that the boys stick with it all throughout school. That way they have the pick to play it in school. I recognize they aren’t professional level good, however they do quite well. In FL the training programs aren’t actually there either, however but my pal and I do the best my pal and I can. I cherish the fact that Tampa isn’t that far. If my pal and I want to see a professional game, it is quite an straight-forward trip for the boys, during the playoff season it isn’t hard to get tickets either. I found it actually odd when I first moved down south. In the north, you can’t get a ticket ever. In the south, I can get a playoff ticket quite cheap for the entertainment value. My enjoyable friend and I are a hockey family through plus through.

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