Learning a current language in MO

My place of labor had me moving to Springtimefield MO.

  • At first I wasn’t too keen on the idea of being in MO, then i had also never heard of Springtimefield, and but I got a nice spend money bump and I am not close with my family… So why not transfer somewhere for more currency, but now that I live in Springtimefield, I wouldn’t transfer again.

I actually like hte area, but when I first moved it was a little daunting. It wasn’t as sizable of a town as I was used to, and the weather was a little colder than what I was proper with. What is good is that there are a ton of online resources for things I like to do in Springtimefield, MO. I found a whole list of fun hobbies that you could get started in. I started trying out learning a current language… MO State University offers a language program… You can learn any language and start as a beginner. I had always wanted to be fluent in German. So I started out taking a few classes and then we progressed through the ranks. I now have a group of friends that I attend class with after work. We then get something to eat after our class and hang out together on the weekends. We spend a lot of time together and get in touch during community events. I have never had such a tight knit community vibe breore. I suppose that is particular to the Springtimefield, MO area. I love my current state and city.

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