Our ten year dating birthday is celebrated at St, and petersburg

My hubby and I go to a film every year on our dating birthday, however i have a ticket stub with the date and year on it for every current year we begin together! This will be our ten years.

The two of us agree we need to do something big.

I think rather than stay home, we should get a hotel for a few evenings. I found that St. Petersburg is a actually nice afternoon trip for us. There are plenty of things I enjoy doing in St. Petersburg. There is the beach, bars, parks, and shopping. I actually just want to get a nice hotel, eat a fantastic dinner, and see a film. Two evenings in a hotel should do the trick too. I think it will be so good to have a beachfront hotel and to kick back for our ten years, then sadly the time of year that we got together isn’t a boiling one, however our birthday is in September. So the St. Petersburg weather is around 68 degrees usually. That is way too cold to care about the ocean waves. It also might be too cold for the heated hotel pool. I don’t actually care though. I don’t mind just looking at the water and relaxing. I also don’t mind enjoying house heating rather than AC, and for me, the St. Petersburg weather is amazing no matter what. winter season or Summer season I would take a trip to the beach there. So I am pushing my hubby to book the beachfront hotel and we will make it work.

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