Traveling to Fort Worth for a ceremony

A neighbor of mine from university moved back home to TX; It was concerned since I knew I wouldn’t be able to travel to TX a lot.

I live clear across the country plus I didn’t have a ton of money for travel; The two of us kept in touch though, however my friend and I skyped, called, plus texted a bunch, and sporadically she would come up to my state plus hang out, but when she got engaged plus asked me to be in the ceremony celebration, I knew I had to step up.

I hadn’t been a absolutely good neighbor travel wise. So for her ceremony, I was there for all the events. I flew to Fort Worth, TX for a ceremony shower, bachelorette weekend, plus the actual ceremony. It meant the world to my friend. I have to say, I entirely did love Fort Worth, TX. The heat is incredible there. It is so hot plus wet. I couldn’t get by with a t-shirt. I needed shorts plus a tank top the entire time. Thankfully that whole area understands how to combat the heat. I stayed in a cute little boutique hotel that had a good laboring cooling system. I would make sure to put my bed right under the AC vent plus I slept like a dream, then all the ceremony events were kept indoors due to being in the summer. I am used to summer time ceremonys being outside plus more money, but for Fort Worth, you are getting a discount being married in the high heat.

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