My Heating & A/C tech told me to keep windows closed in FL because of spores plus dust

I lived with unusual condo rules in the midwest.

A lot of it came down to being in a completely unusual environment altogether.

Up in our state my friend and I were close to a lot of lakes plus experienced higher winds than the areas in the state where it was devoid of water. With the cold hot plus cold temperatures plus high winds, my friend and I didn’t have much of a need for a/cs unless it was the dead middle of Summer plus my friend and I experienced a day with little to no wind, which amounted to only a handful of afternoons each year. I joked with my heating plus cooling specialist at the time that I didn’t even need much help with my a/c, it was more about keeping my furnace working at optimum capacity. There were some years when I had no option but to run the heat in May of June when hot plus cold temperatures would linger in the 40s plus 50s at the tail end of the Springtime season. Now that I’m living in Tampa, FL, the Heating & A/C corporation that services my heating plus cooling is primarily focused on the a/c. That’s what I use quarterly as the western FL sunshine beats down on my back. The Heating & A/C tech warned me about leaving my windows open because of the dust plus fungal spores that can get in from outdoors plus create havoc for you plus your family. Some people don’t try to maintain their indoor humidity, especially in coastal areas near Tampa Bay plus Old Tampa Bay. It’s the same in Pinellas County as it is here in Hillsborough County.

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