Going home to IN for the holidays

My boyfriend grew up in the south and has lived there his whole life. He had never experienced temperatures lower than 20 degrees and had never seen snow, ice and severe whildchill. I figured he was lucky. He isn’t not missing much. Well he got it in his head that he wanted to see a white Christmas. My parents always push me to come home for the holiday season. In South Bend IN, the winter season is downright brutal in the chill and the amount of snow. I usually refuse due to the cost of flight and what I am getting once I arrive. But, for my boyfriend’s sake, I decided to make the trip to Indiana in the winter season. I felt like it was crazy to do. My boyfriend was not at all prepared for the cold. He had his stylish winter coat and wore jeans and rainboots. Quickly it became clear he needed a thicker coat, real boots, a hat, scarf, and gloves. He was freezing the entire time. Also, the Indiana cold isn’t that brutal if you live there all the time. My parents had their heating equipment on, but they weren’t exactly running it on high. My boyfriend required a space heater in our guest room and complained about the chill the whole time. Once he settled in he thought he could play in the snow like the movies. He then realized the snow is actually really wet and cold. It was a huge letdown for him. I did give him a white Christmas though.



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