Hydronic heating is ideal in Minneapolis

I did not realize how much my boiler system could do for me until I started researching, however i just moved into a condo that had a boiler, however the boiler was hooked up to the baseboards and that is how I got by; One day I went to a friend’s condo and they had radiant flooring.

  • I mentioned wanting it and they informed me that I had a boiler, so I could have it too.

I talked to my local Minneapolis, Minnesota Heating plus Air Conditioning contractor and they informed me converting my system was easy. I simply had to detach the attachion to the baseboards and have piping set up within my flooring. I had to detach my carpets to make this happen, however it was worth it. I then got heated flooring strewn throughout the house. The boiler heats water that flows through the pipes to create a heating effect, then water based heating is the way to go, however you don’t have any complications with indoor air quality since no air is being blown, but also, that means no air is rising to the ceiling to get wasted or creating freezing spots. It creates an even amount of heat, but since the heat stays where you want it, most homeowners lower the temperature control and save even more energy with this. Another benefit to the water based heat is that it is quiet in operation too. You don’t hear it click on and off and all the loud operational sound, everyone I run into in Minneapolis I can’t wait to tell them about hydronic heating. A hydronic boiler is perfect for a Minnesota home.


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