I have everything I want in Lakeland

I am really fortunate to live in Lakeland Florida.

When I was looking for places to live in Florida I was overwhelmed by the options.

The further south you go, the hotter it gets. I didn’t want to be in Fort Myers where the majority of the population is old. I also didn’t want to be super north in Jacksonville. It gets a lot of hurricane damage and isn’t what I was looking for as far as beautiful sights. Lakeland Florida is the best of everything. I get great weather, beautiful sights, and plenty to do. Another pro of Lakeland FL is the proximity to airports. Tampa airport is only 45 minutes away and Orlando airport is around an hour. That means anytime I want to travel somewhere, I can shop around for the best prices. I typically can get a direct flight out of Orlando, no matter where I am going. Sometimes Tampa offers a better deal though. So it is the best of both worlds again. I wouldn’t move for anything. My place of work treats me well, I have plenty to do for entertainment, and I have a lovely home. I really enjoy the weather. I can get by in my household with a standard heat pump system. It offers both heating and cooling power for a lower cost since it uses existing heat energy. It takes the heat from outside and blows it inside for a heating effect and the reverse for cooling. I am all set no matter what the temperature is outdoors.


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