Moving to where there is at least a brief cold season

I used to live way down south where it was hot 99% of the time.

It was sort of awful to be honest.

I got where I was sick of always feeling like it was summertime. I didn’t want to wear shorts, a tank, and sandals anymore. I also hated being constantly sweating and feeling sluggish. My home air conditioning equipment went full blast most of the year. I missed wearing pants and bundling up in blankets. I looked around the United States for the perfect state for me. I needed someplace I could transfer for work and that would have four seasons for me to experience. I didn’t need to have a white Christmas or 90 degree summer days, but I wanted spots of hot and cold. That is how I landed in Alabama. Most of the time the AL weather is nice and toasty. When the winter season comes, it does get cold, but it rarely drops below freezing. There are four seasons and the weather is quite nice no matter what. I stuck to the idea of living in Tuscaloosa. It wasn’t for the fun name either, I just liked the area. Everyone was really friendly and the sights were beautiful. I also was able to obtain work quite easily. I even managed to snag myself a nice plot of land in Tuscaloosa for a very good deal. I am really glad that I no longer live down south. I like that I can rotate my summer and winter clothing for once. I actually do need to own a jacket.

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