Not a museum type of person

I recently moved to Birmingham, AL and I immediately started looking for a date. I wanted to find someone to keep me company while I was there. Well my options for dates were pretty limited. Online proved to be a waste of time. Tinder is where I met my one date that went I guess better than the rest. The guy decided to take me to the Birmingham Museum of Art. I don’t like museums or art, so that was pretty hard to get past for the date. I found it very dull and not easy to converse. I don’t like to just talk about art and wander around. I want to do something for the date. I found that there is Vulcan park but it seemed rude to change the date while we were on it. So I just suffered through. The guy was decent company and I am hoping the second date is somewhere a little better. In fairness, there isn’t much to do in Birmingham, AL. I don’t need excitement though. I don’t want to do McWane science center or anything like that. Why can’t we just go to dinner or maybe see a movie? I am not that complicated. Even going for a walk would be better. The weather during the fall season is just lovely in Alabama. I don’t really need to worry about AC or heating at this point. I can take a moment to just let in the fresh air. So the move to Birmingham is slowly going to be happy, but I am working on it.


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