Visiting my friend in Plano Texas

I ended up visiting my friend Taylor who lives in Plano, Texas.

It is amazing how hot the state of Texas is.

She gets into the 90s all summer long. The heat is just brutal and it is a dry, stale heat that sort of makes it hard to breathe. I am not used to that at all. My summer season means I can wear shorts and a tank top during the day. At night I need a jacket. My family home doesn’t bother with any air conditioning. It simply doesn’t get warm enough and stay that way. Taylor has her air conditioning equipment running basically 24/7. In the summertime, she relies on multiple indoor air handlers all set to the same temperature. It is required to make the entire house a nice, cooled down temperature. But, the shoe is on the other foot. When it comes to the winter season I know that she isn’t too worried about heating. I believe she owns a ductless heat pump that occasionally gets used on a colder night. For me, my household has three separate heating systems. I need one upstairs, one in the living room and one in the kitchen. It is wild how we both live in the United States and the weather has us prepared for vastly different conditions. I am prepared for snow and power outages. She is prepared for intense heat that doesn’t go away. My friend seems very happy in her area of Plano, Texas. I know I wouldn’t want to live there full time though.


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