Longer winter season than I am used to

I am grateful everyday that the furnace is reliably operating for me

Living in Fort Worth, TX means that the majority of the time my focus is on air conditioning, however i am consistently cleaning, lubricating, and calling for A/C service, then however, this winter season has been an essentially brutal one, not only are the hot and cold temperatures colder than I am used to, however the season is lasting longer, at this time of year I was already wearing shorts and t-shirts again. I had turned off my heating system and got to love the outside air. Nope, I am still in pants and a jacket; My kids are bundled up anytime they go outside. My heating unit has had a large demand placed upon it. It got me thinking that I didn’t prioritize the health of my furnace as much as the A/C device. I am right not just praying that my gas furnace can make it through the season. I am guessing I will at most have four weeks left of this cold. Once the chill has left I am calling a Fort Worth, TX heating business. I want to have my gas furnace cleaned up. I want the air filter substituted, the motor belt inspected, and any worn parts substituted. I am not going to take a risk going into the next winter season season on a unit that heats as long as mine did. I am grateful everyday that the furnace is reliably operating for me. I will not leave it up to opportunity next year because I want to save a few bucks. It is too crucial to have quality heating in Texas during the winter.



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