Not as moderate of a state that I originally thought

My venue of work recently relocated me to Birmingham, AL, but i will admit, I should have done some research; They said Alamaba and a raise, I then said yep, and why not? I figured AL was down south so it would be moderate 90% of the time.

I wouldn’t deal with the cold, ice, and snow.

I also would make more cash. I didn’t have anything holding me back, so off I went to Birmingham, AL. Well the things to do in Birmingham, AL are quite lame. There is a science center, a ghost walk, and tons of museums. I forgot about the history of Birmingham. I am not a museum and history lover. So a lot of the attractions are wasted on me. The neighborhood is okay, the food is great and there are some things to do. But I am not totally gleeful with the weather. I kind of expected summer-like conditions all the time. While the summer time season in AL is intense, it also does not last. I rely on my cooling system half the time, then I need to tag in my heating system for the other half of the year. Say what? Yes, it does get freezing in AL, december through February the afternoons get down into the 30s. Seriously? So I don’t get snow or ice, although I do get the freezing quite a bit. I didn’t retire my snow gear fully. I wish I was further down south to where I didn’t need a heating system so much.


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