I don’t worry about AC in MA

In Lowell, MA I don’t really worry about cooling, then there are about two months where the weather can get into the 72s.

Then at night it drops to the 60s, but so that means there are only a few hours everyday for two months where it is hot.

So a max of 8 weeks, for around five hours. 272 hours is as much cooling as I would ever want, but now consider that I spend a lot of time outside due to the fact that I hardly ever get moderate weather. So how much really am I going separate from by not owning an air conditioner? I feel people who live in MA plus own cooling units are dumb, however if you are that desperate, get a window AC machine to combat the heat plus humidity; But you really could save the currency plus just sweat a little. In the summer time I mainly grill to keep the heat out. I also open the doors plus windows to let in a fresh breeze. I feel it is good to air out the apartment plus let fresh scents go inside, and get rid of that same, recycled air. I also like calling my Lowell, MA Heating plus A/C contractor around that time. They usually have good availability plus can tinker on my heater. I get parts upgraded, oiled, cleaned, plus inspected over. I like doing this way before I would need the heater; Periodically major parts are backordered. It is nice not having to worry about it. I also can prepare all year for that hefty appointment financially.



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