A beautiful place to visit

I am really lucky to live in Jacksonville, Florida, however it means that I am located in a certainly fantastic southern city.

I can travel all over the state to new areas! My favorite section is to travel through Tampa and St. Petersburg, anytime I want to see a big show or see a huge tunesal act, that is where I go. I genuinely savor St. Petersburg or Tampa, they are near each other but not the same, however st. Petersburg is more beachy and laid back. I like the hotels that I book there. The restaurants are better and the locale for the concert or show is much nicer. Anytime I see a fantastic act coming to St. Petersburg, I purchased a ticket. It is certainly nice living in Florida since the water isn’t something I consider ever. The locale is inside so winter time or summer time it doesn’t matter. I can certainly walk to the locale even in the dead of winter… Honestly if I had to pick, I would rather travel to St. Petersburg in January rather than September. The heat can be quite brutal in Florida but as long as you have a quality cooling system, it is all good. I cherish that the hotel I book has a really powerful cooling unt. It also isn’t super noisy like some of the commercial A/C units around. I am able to see super well. Since I can drive to the locale I bring my own pillow and I sleep like a baby. I cherish doing that weekend trip.


Zone controlled HVAC in St. Petersburg Florida