Dealing with stuffy indoor air

The ventilator also contributes to energy efficiency and comfort

When I first moved to Plano, Texas, I didn’t know much about the area. I expected scorching hot weather just about year round. The hot and muggy summers were no surprised, however I had no idea the winters would be so cold and windy. The average year round weather in Plano swings from ninety-five degrees to thirty-five degrees. It’s necessary to run the air conditioner for approximately seven straight months, and the heating sytem for the other five. There is seldom an opportunity to open the windows and welcome in fresh air. Keeping the house sealed up tight helps to minimize energy costs but also eliminates natural ventilation. The air can quickly become stale and musty. Dust, odors, VOCs and other ocntaminants become trapess inside. Pesticides, cleaning chemicals, hygiene products, pets, the heating/cooling system and all sorts of things contribute to issues with indoor air quality. I finally consulted with a local HVAC contractor and asked for recommendations. I was worried about the health of the air I was breathing. He explained a variety of different indoor air quality accessories. I liked the benefits of an energy recovery ventilator. The ventilator works year round to introduce fresh air into the home and remove the polluted air without energy losses. The system operates quietly and improves the hygiene of the air throughout the home. I don’t need to clean as much. I have fewer headaches, sore throats and issues with congestion and insomnia. The ventilator also contributes to energy efficiency and comfort. The money I’ve saved on utility bills has helped to recover the cost of installation.

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