Enjoying the Tampa Lightning games

My family has always been a big hockey family.

We all used to live up north and go to the local games constantly.

Our team was terrible though. They always lost and never made the playoffs. It was sort of embarrassing. Due to the horrible weather members of the family began gradually moving down south. Now we all live in Tampa, FL. The weather is just beautiful. We love the heat, sunshine, and short winter seasons. I loved that I could throw out my snowsuits, scarves, and boots. The winter season is brief and sort of underwhelming. I still own a heating system but it is a heat pump, so does that even count? What my family does now is see the Tampa Bay Lightning team during the playoff season. We see regular games and then immediately get on with buying tickets for the playoff season. The team always does a good job. Recently they won the Stanley cup two years in a row. We were able to enjoy that. Going to a professional hockey game in Tampa is so different from the north. Even though the team wins constantly, people aren’t as crazy as up north. They are a more casual crowd. Also nobody has to be bundled up for the game. I attend games in pants and a Tampa Bay t-shirt. That is it. It almost doesn’t feel like we are in an ice rink due to how warm everything is. It isn’t abnormal to be in sweltering heat outside and then actually enjoy being near a big pool of ice.

Tampa Florida a/c set up