Focusing on energy savings

In Phoenix, Arizona, the summers are brutally hot and dry, while the winters are short but chilly.

The temperature dips down into the low forties, requiring heating for about four or five months.

They also climb into the triple digits for several months straight and necessitate air conditioner for more than half the year. The cost of keeping a comfortable home is significant. While I love the Phoenix area, I am not happy about paying huge utility bills. I’ve made it my mission to tighten the thermal envelope, eliminate energy waste and reduce expenses. One of the major sources of heat gain and loss are the windows and doors. The sunlight through the glass can quickly heat up a room and add to the demands of the cooling system. Plus, UV light can fade upholstery and carpets. In the winter, there is potential for heat loss due to air leaks and concerns with cold glass. While the investment was sizeable, I had Energy Star windows and doors installed in the house. I made sure to meticulously caulk and weatherstrip around them. I further added smart blinds that I have programmed to open and close at specific times. Closing the blinds during daylight hours over the summer has made a considerable difference to my electric bills. Opening them to welcome in the warmth of the sun on winter afternoon contributes to greater comfort and lower heating costs. I’ve also begun to install ceiling fans in the main rooms. The direction of the fan works to either provide a cooling effect or distribute heat that becomes trapped near the ceiling.



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