Lakeland, FL was good for kids

My husband and I have a baby boy and we like to travel.

The issue is our son doesn’t really like to travel.

We took him on a plane once and it was a nightmare. We have learned that car rides can’t exceed three hours or he goes crazy. So what the two of us do is only travel within our state of Florida. We find different cities we haven’t visited and hang out there. It makes it feel like a vacation without it being a big pain in the butt. Recently I did some research and I landed on Lakeland, FL. I was excited about the idea of learning more about my state. Lakeland is a gorgeous place to visit. They have the Lakeland Children’s Museum and Bonnet Springs Park. if that was it, we would have been set. My husband went to the museum one day with our boy. Then the three of us played at the park. My boy got to run around in the grass, see new sights, and just have a good time. The food there is really what I enjoyed. They had unique bread and pastry places that made the trip more than worth it. Combine that with a lot of family-friendly zoos, theaters, gardens, and shopping centers, there was more than enough to do. What is nice about Florida is that the weather is so nice. As long as you are somewhere with AC, you can travel and enjoy the state of Florida no matter the time of year. I will definitely be back to Lakeland.

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