I got a pet because I felt bad for him staying outside in the heat

I was never a large time pet person.

I wasn’t an animal lover at all to begin with.

I never owned a pet though. I didn’t know if I would like one or not. When I moved to Tampa, Florida I was surprised by the amount of stray cats… There was a gray tabby pet that just hung around my household all the time. It got where I thought he looked thin and began feeding him. Then I started kneeling out water since it was so smelling warm in Tampa. Then I began playing with him since he seemed bored, but during the heat of summer time Tampa can get into the triple digits. That is how it all started. I felt bad for the pet dealing with the heat and humidity in a fur coat, and so I invited him into my home. I let him appreciate the chilly AC and sleep on my bed. I put his bowls inside so that I didn’t attract other cats and pests, then he then started acquiring tosy, treats, scratching posts, and flea medicine. I then realized that this pet just decided that he lived with me. The summer time season is long in Tampa; AC is on for the majority of the year; By the time it cooled off and I could let the pet go outside, it had been months. My pal and I were now roommates for life. I have since moved my feline neighbor with me to a more rural location further north so it isn’t so hot. He enjoys living the owned pet life a lot.
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