Air quality problems in Plano, TX

Air quality is a big complication in a TX household, the sticky heat and high humidity means my enjoyable friend and I are stuck indoors a lot.

  • The inside residing is extreme on the air quality, never being able to open our windows to let in a fresh breeze guarantees the same, stale air is recycling over and over again.

The dirt, debris, pet dander, and hair gets breathed in over and over again, then i have invested in air quality services in Plano. I found a Plano, TX HVAC business that does IAQ testing, products, and upgrade. I first started with testing. I found that my air quality was a bit moist due to the air conditioner constantly going. The humidity allows mold, bugs, and pests to form. The humidity also is a breeding ground for bacteria, mildew, and fungi. I also found that my indoor air quality had a lot of debris in it; So the recommendation from my HVAC corporation was to get a dehumidifier to labor with my air conditioner and an air purification plan to labor with the HVAC unit. The dehumidifier pairs with the A/C to eliminate excess moisture. The UV air purifier removes dust, dirt, and dander before it hits my breathing air; Both require annual upkeep and repairs, but are necessary to a healthier home. I am relaxing with this, and having a healthier home is so nice, we do spend around 90% of our day time indoors. So having device investing into keeping it healthy is very smart, my IAQ devices are great to have and ideal for Plano, TX.


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