Getting heated flooring put in

I decided that I was going to redo my flooring in MN… For years I have had the ugliest carpets in the world, then they were these stained ugly looking brown shag rugs that came with the home! I hated the look, feel, aroma, and the way they cleaned up. Finally I decided to treat myself. I ripped them all up and considered getting granite flooring. Thankfully I have a neighbor that told me about heated flooring, and he said that it is the perfect time for heating installation, you gotta rip the floors anyway! Also, heated flooring works best with tile, and so I picked myself a great, new gray granite that hardly shows dirt. I also got a local MN heating dealership to do the installation for me. Yes, my flooring project nearly doubled with this heating installation on top of it, then but instead of another ugly rug, I have stylish granite with a boiler underneath it. I wondered if it would be too much. Having a condo furnace and a floor furnace could be overkill. That is the thing about Minneapolis though. It gets so frigid here that having two boilers is never a bother. I love having the heat at my feet. It is silent in operation, doesn’t rise to the ceiling, and creates no frigid spots since it is evenly installed! Using electric vs forced air means the air quality is better too. It is a much better system than my central furnace as well. I think I am always going to own heated flooring.

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