Need a humidifier to combat the dry air

Sioux Falls, SD deals with a lot of cold weather… That cold weather means my gas furnace starts up as early as Halloween and doesn’t let up until well after Easter.

It is a long time with the forced air always recycling around the home.

The doors and windows are all sealed up slim to keep the heat where my good friend and I want it. However, with a tighter thermal envelope comes other complications, then no fresh air coming into the home means dirty, stale, and polluted indoor air. It also means the air is drying out quicker. The dryer the air, the colder the home. It is kind of a counterproductive process. The furnace dries out the air overheating and then you need to add moisture. That is why I bought myself a whole home humidifier. It was the best thing I ever bought. I looked up ideal humidity levels and realized I needed a system… Rather than just have a small humidifier in a single room I opted for a big one that was installed right in the furnace, however as my heater operates the air quality is getting moisture introduced. That extra blast of moisture is just what my family needed, then more wet air means it feels warmer! You don’t have static shock or cling. There are no bloody noses, dry skin, rashes, or complications with electronics. A humidifier helps out everywhere it can for legitimately minimal cost. Anymore who live in colder areas of South Dakota should reach out to their local heater dealership for a humidifier.

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