Not all the houses in Birmingham were great

I wasn’t too satisfied to transport to Birmingham, Alabama but I needed to for my hubby’s work; My buddy and I toured a whole bunch of houses to see what would work out best for our growing family.

Myhubby is pretty cheap, then he particularly liked the idea of living in a total crap hole of a house, remodeling it, selling it for a profit, plus then buying a modern site, however i particularly didn’t want that kind of stress.

He pushed all sorts of poor houses on me! One my friend and I called the three Heating plus A/C system houses. He had three separate Heating plus A/C units. It was obvious that someone was building onto the loft always plus just throwing a modern Heating plus A/C component rather than linking to the ductwork, then not all the rooms were properly insulated either. It was a big problem of mine. The thought of taking on a loft with so much Heating plus A/C work was worrisome. It isn’t like Alabma has mediocre weather either. My buddy and I need quality cooling plus sometimes heating in our area. The other loft my friend and I toured had a large hole in the backyard that was getting worse. Another place reeked of cat pee plus had hair on the ceiling. I finally convinced my hubby to up our price range plus buy a loft that was bigger, cleaner, plus more modern. My buddy and I appreciate our place in Birmingham, AL. It doesn’t have the kinks plus odd things the other sites had. I am glad my friend and I took a sure thing rather than a risk to save some currency.

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