I got a cat because I felt bad for him staying outside in the heat

I was never a big time cat person.

I wasn’t an animal lover at all to begin with. I never owned a cat though. I didn’t know if I would like one or not. When I moved to Tampa, Florida I was surprised by the amount of stray cats. There was a gray tabby cat that just hung around my apartment all the time. It got where I thought he looked thin and began feeding him. Then I started laying out water since it was so stinking hot in Tampa. Then I began playing with him since he seemed bored. During the heat of summer Tampa can get into the triple digits. That is how it all started. I felt bad for the cat dealing with the heat and humidity in a fur coat. So I invited him into my home. I let him enjoy the cold AC and sleep on my bed. I put his bowls inside so that I didn’t attract other cats and pests. He then started acquiring tosy, treats, scratching posts, and flea medicine. I then realized that this cat just decided that he lived with me. The summer season is long in Tampa. AC is on for the majority of the year. By the time it cooled off and I could let the cat go outside, it had been months. We were now roommates for life. I have since moved my feline friend with me to a more rural location further north so it isn’t so hot. He enjoys living the owned cat life a lot.

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