Not all the houses in Birmingham were great

I wasn’t too pleased to move to Birmingham, Alabama but I needed to for my husband’s work. We toured a whole bunch of houses to see what would work out best for our growing family. Myhusband is pretty cheap. He really liked the idea of living in a total crap hole of a house, remodeling it, selling it for a profit, and then buying a new place. I really didn’t want that kind of stress. He pushed all sorts of bad houses on me. One we called the three HVAC system houses. He had three separate HVAC units. It was obvious that someone was building onto the house constantly and just throwing a new HVAC unit rather than connecting to the ductwork. Not all the rooms were properly insulated either. It was a big concern of mine. The thought of taking on a house with so much HVAC work was worrisome. It isn’t like Alabma has moderate weather either. We need quality cooling and sometimes heating in our area. The other house we toured had a giant hole in the backyard that was getting worse. Another place reeked of cat pee and had hair on the ceiling. I finally convinced my husband to up our price range and buy a house that was bigger, cleaner, and more modern. We love our place in Birmingham, AL. It doesn’t have the kinks and weird things the other places had. I am glad we took a sure thing rather than a risk to save some money.


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