The importance of furnace maintenance

I am very conscientious about taking goodcare of my forced-air furnace.

The cost of purchasing and installing the heating system was significant. Due to the weather in South Bend, Indiana, it operates for approximately eight months of the year and makes a big impact on the household budget. I need to make sure it performs reliably every single day of the winter, year after year. When the furnace runs at peak capacity and efficiency, it provides ideal comfort and keeps utility bills to a minimum. It ensures safety, lower sound levels and healthier indoor air quality. I know that even a little dust buildup inside the furnace can restrict airflow, cause it to continually cycle on and use more energy. There is the possibility of a cracked heat exchanger and furnace failure. To protect my investment, I have enrolled into a maintenance plan with an HVAC contractor located in South Bend. They call to remind me when it’s time to schedule service. A fully licensed, NATE-certified technician shows up in the fall and completes a very thorough inspection. He cleans, adjusts and tests all of the various components and fixes minor issues. The troubleshooting of everything from the thermostat to the ductwork, helps to prevent more costly repairs and disruptive malfunctions. This service fulfills the obligations of the manufacturer’s warranty and extends the lifespan of the furnace. Plus, my enrollment in the maintenance plan includes 24/7 emergency response with no after-hours fees. The severity of the climate in South Bend makes upkeep of the furnace especially important. It gives me peace of mind knowing that I can start up the heating system at any time and be sure it’s running properly.

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