What I do for HVAC in Florida

The winter season in St.

Petersburg, FL is pretty underwhelming.

What I mainly do is focus on the cooling situation. I have a high velocity AC plan that I use the majority of the year. The benefit of high velocity is the smaller than average ductwork. The ducts are half the size, bendy, and can flex into the slats of an older home. The air then quickly whips around the smaller ducts to lower the temperature in minutes rather than hours. High velocity systems are more common in hotter areas like Florida. The upkeep is pretty standard and the repairs are the common ones that crop up. I enjoy having really great AC most of the year. For heating I don’t stress as much. I have a ductless heater that I use in peak rooms of the household. The heater is basically worn. I sleep, work, and piping is. Other than that I don’t concern myself with heat. In St. Petersburg our winter can start as late as January and quit as early as March. Having only a couple of months of chill isn’t so bad. The nights get a little bad but during the daytime it warms up. I will say the biggest problem with the weather in Florida is deciding heating or cooling. Typically I start out with heating at night, in the early morning, change to AC, and then have to change back again in the spring. That means my St. Petersburg HVAC business needs to clean and inspect both systems every time. I use them both most of the year, just heavily favoring the AC plan.



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