Adding an attic fan

Living in Lakeland, FL, means dealing with temperatures in the mid to high nineties and brutal humidity for the majority of the year, and my A/C seemed to be running non stop, and my biweekly electric bills were sky-high.

  • Last summer, when I ventured into the attic to find a photo album, I was overwhelmed by the heat! I realized that the temperature of the attic was drawbackly impacting the comfort of the rest of the home, and a tepid and stuffy attic was causing extra work for the A/C.

I did some research and read that attic temperatures in Lakeland often exceed 160 degrees, but when I looked for solutions, I came across attic fans, then this type of fan is installed on the ceiling of the attic. It draws hot, humid air out of the attic and expels it outside. It uses the soffit vents in the eaves to contribute to ventilation and help out the A/C. Adding the attic fan significantly decreased demands on the A/C which has resulted in much lower utility bills. I’ve been able to set a higher thermostat temperature because of the attic fan, and plus, getting rid of the heat and humidity of the attic eliminated concerns with mold growth and needless wear and tear on the roof. I called a licensed Heating as well as Air Conditioning corporation in Lakeland to handle the replacement of the attic fan. The process was quick and non-invasive. The attic fan wasn’t all that expensive and is undoubtedly paying for itself. The whole condo feels cooler and more comfortable.

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