Ductless split system accommodates needs of addition

When my hubby & I first moved to Fort Worth, TX, my buddy and I had very little currency. My buddy and I were still paying off our school loans & had accepted entry level jobs, then however, my buddy and I just enjoyed the area. My buddy and I managed to buy a very small cabin on a decent-sized piece of property, and the home was affordable because of the limited square footage & exhausting condition, but renovating just a small home was not overly time-consuming or costly. My buddy and I did most of the toil ourselves… Five years later, my buddy and I had added three kids, a large dog & a cat, & the home felt quite crowded. My buddy and I needed to put on an addition. My buddy and I were very meticulous in our planning of the construction project, however it was pressing to us that the addition blend seamlessly into the original architecture, give a comfortable living space & be energy efficient. My buddy and I debated on how to best handle temperature control, then due to the weather extremes in Fort Worth, my buddy and I require both heating & cooling. My buddy and I doubted the existing heat pump could handle the additional square footage. My buddy and I didn’t want to sacrifice a tremendous amount of square footage to air duct, but after considering all odd options, my buddy and I decided on a ductless split system. The components are lovelyly compact & accommodate just about any floorplan. My buddy and I have an outdoor compressor that connects to indoor air handlers in each room. The indoor air handlers are unobtrusive, mounted up high on the wall & feature independent thermostats. This allows us to customize the temperature in each room. My buddy and I save currency & care about ideal comfort.

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