Home gym is not temperature controlled

Summers in St Petersburg, FL, are extremely tepid in addition to humid, then the temperature always soars into the nineties or even the triple digits, then i have a lanai on the back of my condo that I utilize as a workout space. I’ve equipped it with free weights, an incline bench, a yoga mat, jump ropes, mini trampoline in addition to battle ropes. I like to devote approximately an hour to my fitness regiment every day. Unblessedly, the lanai is not temperature controlled. It is constructed of giant screens that allow in fresh air in addition to offer a gorgeous view, but during the winter, the lanai offers the perfect temperature for exercise. It’s appealingly cool. During the Spring in addition to fall, the outdoor conditions heat up quite abruptly. I make sure to get up extra early in the day to complete my workout before the heat of the day. In the summer, no matter how early I begin, the workout is excruciating. I run many box fans at max speed, however they don’t help all that much. I need to sit directly in front of a fan, in addition to I still am drenched in sweat before I finish my hot up. The heat in addition to humidity lead to a feeling of lethargy. It’s strenuous to get motivated for a high intensity workout, then on especially tepid days, I am forced to workout inside the temperature controlled living space, but central air conditioning is essential… However, there isn’t a lot of room for me to exercise or use equipment. I worry about causing harm to condo furnishings. I have considered joining a local St Petersburg gym so that I can have access to A/C and a wider variety of workout equipment.


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