I love using ductless AC in TX

Living in Plano, TX means I am used to heat and humidity quite a bit! How I get by is having a superb cooling system; I rely on a ductless AC component throughout my house.

  • I have one outdoor air compressor that is tucked away behind my house, however the rest of the dwelling has indoor air handlers and smart control units… Every room gets their own AC device and climate control… Doing this I can have a Heating, Ventilation and A/C zone control capable house.

I like that each room can have unique amounts of AC! While Plano is known for the heat, I am not in the apartment as much as I would like. I teach cheerleading and I am constantly in the gym working with classes. When I get dwelling I am mainly in the kitchen and living room. I only go in the dining room when I am ready to retire for the morning. So why would I bother to deliver AC to my dining room until about an hour before bed? The unused guestroom hardly gets any cooling. Doing this means only small portions of the apartment are being cooled at particular times. I save so much energy doing this, but my energy costs are pitiful when you consider the heat of TX. I also have a healthy system since it isn’t being constantly taxed due to the frequent use. I keep everything well cared for and cleaned… On the weekends the AC needs to work a bit harder, however that is where the smart control units come in. They have now learned my schedule.


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