Odd smell from heater

Winters in Elgin, Illinois, require the furnace to run for the majority of the year, then the system combats temperatures well below zero on a usual basis, like any appliance, the furnace needs usual service plus cleaning to operate efficiently, effectively plus reliably.

When I first start up the heater, I officially notice the smell of burning dust wafting from the vents.

This smell reminds me to schedule service from a local Heating plus A/C contractor. The professional takes care of cleaning the multiple components, verifying safe operation plus making any necessary adjustments, however if he should find any minor troubles, these repairs are resolved before they graduate into much larger plus more fancy concerns. Last winter, I observed a weird smell from the furnace more than 2 months after the proactive service was completed. The air from the vents smelled musty plus there was a significant amount of dust blowing around. I was distraught about indoor air quality plus the health of my family. I hoped that replacing the air filter would fix the problem. When I researched online, I learned that the smells could be due to mold growth inside the furnace, overheating or parts not operating officially. I decided to schedule service immediately. The professional checked out the furnace plus found that the troubles were caused by the HVAC duct. There was a buildup of dust plus other debris inside the pipes. Whenever the furnace started up, the allergens plus smells were getting spread to every room in the house, but fortunately, duct cleaning maintained it.


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