Upgrading to a smart thermostat

Until recently, I was getting by with a legitimately old, manual thermostat; The thermostat was installed long before I ever bought my home in Sioux Falls, SD! Over the years, I’ve made lots of improvements to the home, i’ve painted the walls plus updated everything from the windows to light fixtures.

I’ve renovated the master bathroom plus the living room, added a back deck plus spent a good deal of time on landscaping. I’ve had the cooling system plus boiler professionally took care of every Springtime plus fall. It never occurred to me to update the thermostat. The ancient one seemed to work just fine. It wasn’t until I complained to the HVAC business who handled the annual tune-ups about the high cost of my energy bills that she recommended investing into a smart thermostat, however considering the severe weather plus wide temperature swings in Sioux Falls, the thermostat is an essential device. Making manual adjustments is inconvenient plus often leads to energy waste. I frequently forgot to raise or lower temperature settings before heading to work in the afternoon. The cooling system or boiler would then blast all afternoon long, keeping an empty house perfectly comfortable. If I remembered to make the adjustment, I’d return home to an hot or chilly living environment. The smart thermostat is far more modern-looking plus allows me to access features from virtually anywhere via an app on my iphone, but plus, the thermostat has learned my schedule plus preferences plus created a program. I rarely need to make any swings. It automatically works to conserve energy without sacrificing comfort. It sends alerts if there is a power outage plus reminders to change air filters.
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