Attending a hockey game in Tampa

Even inside the rink, the conditions are quite comfortable

My husband and I live in the northeastern part of the country. We are big hockey fans. While we watch as many NHL games as possible, we very rarely attend in-person. For the majority of the hockey season, the weather in our local area is extremely cold and snowy. We live approximately an hour’s drive from the nearest professional arena. There is a strong possibility of facing blizzard conditions or even a driving ban on the night of a game. We don’t want to spend the money on tickets and then be unable to actually attend the game. We prefer to watch from the comfort and safety of our living room, where we have access to snacks and control of the thermostat. A few years ago, my son moved to Tampa, Florida. He has season tickets to Tampa Bay Lightning games. My husband and I plan our visits to Tampa around catching a game. It is a very different experience. Instead of bundling up in heavy boots, wool coats, hats and scarves, we are able to wear shorts and T-shirts. Rather than brush snow off the car and scrape ice off the windshield, we run the air conditioner during the commute. There is always a crowd of people gathered in front of the venue, enjoying the sunshine, live music and refreshments. Even inside the rink, the conditions are quite comfortable. Plus, the Tampa Bay Lightning typically provide a winning season. Our home team up north never even makes the play-offs. Once we retire, my husband and I are planning to move to Tampa.


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