Handling AC maintenance on a hot day

I live and work in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. My job is extremely demanding and requires very long hours. I frequently work weekends and overtime. Getting a day completely off is rare. It can be difficult to keep up with regular household tasks. Last Saturday, I finally had a day free. I had a list of household maintenance projects that needed to be done. I started by mowing the lawn. I wanted to accomplish the yard work in the morning, prior to the heat of the day setting in. The weather forecast in Tuscaloosa for that day was calling for temperatures in the mid nineties and high humidity. Even at eight o’clock in the morning, the conditions were already hot and sticky. Before I could mow the lawn, I needed to go get gas for the mower. Shortly after I began mowing, I noticed that one tire had gone flat. Once I finally got the tire inflated, I returned to mowing and proceeded to run over a very large stick. The stick got wedged into the blades. It took me nearly an hour to remove it. By the time I finished mowing the lawn, I was dripping sweat and exhausted. I figured I might as well tackle air conditioner maintenance on the outdoor unit. I very carefully cleaned the coil and condensate drain. I removed a great deal of leaves, sticks and other debris from inside the cabinet. When I put everything back together, I needed to wait an hour or so for the components to dry before starting up the cooling system. I headed inside, took a shower and then addressed the indoor unit. I was eager to get the cooling system operating again, because the temperature inside the house was rising very quickly.


Tuscaloosa Alabama HVAC worker