Adding an attic fan

Plus, getting rid of the heat and humidity of the attic eliminated issues with mold growth and needless wear and tear on the roof.

Living in Lakeland, Florida, means dealing with temperatures in the mid to high nineties and brutal humidity for the majority of the year. My air conditioner seemed to be running non stop, and my monthly electric bills were sky-high. Last summer, when I ventured into the attic to find a photo album, I was overwhelmed by the heat. I realized that the temperature of the attic was negatively impacting the comfort of the rest of the home. A hot and stuffy attic was causing extra work for the air conditioner. I did some research and read that attic temperatures in Lakeland often exceed 160 degrees. When I looked for solutions, I came across attic fans. This type of fan is installed on the ceiling of the attic. It draws hot, humid air out of the attic and expels it outside. It uses the soffit vents in the eaves to contribute to ventilation and help out the air conditioner. Adding the attic fan significantly decreased demands on the air conditioner which has resulted in much lower monthly bills. I’ve been able to set a higher thermostat temperature because of the attic fan. Plus, getting rid of the heat and humidity of the attic eliminated issues with mold growth and needless wear and tear on the roof. I called a licensed HVAC contractor in Lakeland to handle the installation of the attic fan. The process was quick and non-invasive. The attic fan wasn’t all that expensive and is definitely paying for itself. The whole house feels cooler and more comfortable.


Air conditioner tune-up in Lakeland Florida

Moving to Lakeland, Florida

I invested in ductwork cleaning, a new thermostat, new water heater and faucets for the sinks

When I decided to relocate to Florida, I was willing to live in any part of the state. I took a trip south and explored real estate listings within my price range. I concentrated my search in Central Florida in close proximity to Tampa and Orlando. Eventually, I arrived in Lakeland. Located in Polk County, this small city is a 45 minute commute east of Tampa and an hour drive southwest of Orlando. It’s a very welcoming community with lots of great hiking, outdoor activities, parks, preserves and botanical gardens. Lakeland includes 38 lakes, including Lake Morton that provides a home to swans that draw in tourists. I am delighted by the world’s largest collection of Frank Lloyd Wright architecture at Florida Southern College. There are some really delicious restaurants, world-class golf courses and plenty of shopping opportunities. I was thrilled to find a small cottage-style home with lake access. The property was reasonably priced because it was in need of some sprucing up. I was relieved that the main systems, such as air conditioning, plumbing, electrical and roofing, were in decent condition. I was more than happy to tackle painting, cleaning and yard work. I invested in ductwork cleaning, a new thermostat, new water heater and faucets for the sinks. I thoroughly enjoy sitting on my back deck with a glass of iced tea and taking in a view of the lake. I have purchased a kayak and paddleboard and have plans to build a dock. Moving to Lakeland, Florida, was a very good decision.

Lakeland Florida Air conditioning system

Upgrading to a smart thermostat

Until recently, I was getting by with a very old, manual thermostat.

The thermostat was installed long before I ever purchased my home in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

Over the years, I’ve made lots of improvements to the home. I’ve painted the walls and replaced everything from the windows to light fixtures. I’ve renovated the master bathroom and the kitchen, added a back deck and spent a great deal of time on landscaping. I’ve had the air conditioner and furnace professionally serviced every spring and fall. It never occurred to me to update the thermostat. The old one seemed to work just fine. It wasn’t until I complained to the HVAC contractor who handled the annual tune-ups about the high cost of my utility bills that he recommended investing into a smart thermostat. Considering the severe weather and wide temperature swings in Sioux Falls, the thermostat is an essential device. Making manual adjustments is inconvenient and often leads to energy waste. I frequently forgot to raise or lower temperature settings before heading to work in the morning. The air conditioner or furnace would then blast all day long, keeping an empty house perfectly comfortable. If I remembered to make the adjustment, I’d return home to an overheated or chilly living environment. The smart thermostat is far more modern-looking and allows me to access features from virtually anywhere via an app on my phone. Plus, the thermostat has learned my schedule and preferences and created a program. I rarely need to make any changes. It automatically works to conserve energy without sacrificing comfort. It sends alerts if there is a power outage and reminders to change air filters.


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Hybrid heating system keeps costs low

Moving to Sioux Falls, South Dakota, was a big change.

The scenery is absolutely gorgeous, but the weather is brutal.

The average temperature ranges from the single digits up into the mid to high eighties. It’s not unusual to experience sub zero conditions. Just a few years ago, the temperature plummeted to negative thirty-two degrees. We expect around forty inches of annual snow. Because of the climate extremes, heating and cooling are essential systems for every home. Monthly utility bills are a constant concern. I spent a small fortune to install a hybrid heating system into my home. While most homes are outfitted with a furnace and an air conditioner, I have a furnace and a heat pump. The heat pump was far more expensive than a conventional air conditioner but has paid for itself in energy savings. The advantage of a heat pump is that it provides both heating and cooling. The system easily handles summer demands, providing energy efficient cooling and effective dehumidification. When the weather cools off, the system reverses the flow of refrigerant to supply heat. It takes advantage of ambient heat available in the outdoor air. Because the heat pump doesn’t generate heat by way of burning fossil fuels, it is especially environmentally friendly, clean and safe. It also costs a lot less to operate than the furnace. There are no worries over carbon monoxide, fumes or hot surfaces. The heat pump manages requirements until the outdoor temperature dips below freezing. At that point, the furnace automatically takes over. We enjoy ideal comfort no matter what the weather brings.

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Ductless split system accommodates needs of addition

When my husband and I first moved to Fort Worth, Texas, we had very little money.

We were still paying off our college loans and had accepted entry level jobs. However, we just loved the area. We managed to buy a very small home on a decent-sized piece of property. The house was affordable because of the limited square footage and poor condition. Renovating just a small house was not overly time-consuming or expensive. We did most of the work ourselves. Five years later, we had added three kids, a large dog and a cat, and the house felt quite crowded. We needed to put on an addition. We were very meticulous in our planning of the construction project. It was important to us that the addition blend seamlessly into the original architecture, provide a comfortable living space and be energy efficient. We debated on how to best handle temperature control. Due to the weather extremes in Fort Worth, we require both heating and cooling. We doubted the existing heat pump could handle the additional square footage. We didn’t want to sacrifice a tremendous amount of square footage to ductwork. After considering all different options, we decided on a ductless split system. The components are wonderfully compact and accommodate just about any floorplan. We have an outdoor compressor that links to indoor air handlers in each room. The indoor air handlers are unobtrusive, mounted up high on the wall and feature independent thermostats. This allows us to customize the temperature in each room. We save money and enjoy ideal comfort.


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Electric heat pumps is ideal for local weather

Modern heat pumps are wonderfully energy efficient and help to minimize utility costs

The weather in Fort Worth, Texas, brings a little of everything. Temperatures frequently climb into the mid nineties while winter nights can drop down into the thirties. The humidity is brutal. Even when the temperature is moderate, the excessive moisture makes it feel especially hot and sticky. Fort Worth is the second rainiest city in Texas, and we see an average of two inches of snow per year. For the demands of the changing seasons, an electric heat pump is ideal. A heat pump is an all-in-one system, providing both heating and cooling capacity. It uses refrigerant to transfer heat between the indoors and the outdoors. During the summer months, it supplies centralized air conditioning and does a good job combating excess humidity. When the weather cools off, the heat pump switches over to heating mode and reverses the flow of refrigerant. Taking advantage of ambient heat available in the outdoor air, it keeps the house perfectly warm. The operation utilizes electricity rather than burning fossil fuels. Because of this, a heat pump is quite environmentally friendly. It produces no carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide or greenhouse gasses. Today’s generation of heat pumps feature adaptable-speed technology, allowing it to automatically adjust output to the exact needs of the home. Rather than blasting at maximum capacity until achieving desired temperature and then shutting off, it runs at a lower speed for longer cycles. Modern heat pumps are wonderfully energy efficient and help to minimize utility costs. They also contribute to air filtration and operate quietly. While the investment into a heat pump is significant, these smart systems work to pay for themselves.

Fort Worth Texas Cooling technology

Choosing a geothermal heat pump for new home

When my husband and I bought a piece of property in Birmingham, Alabama, and decided to build a house, we debated on different types of heating and cooling systems.

The local weather necessitates both heating and cooling, making energy efficiency quite important.

We certainly didn’t want to get stuck paying huge utility bills every month, year after year. We were looking for an option that could handle temperatures from the low thirties to the high nineties. Due to excess moisture in the summer, dehumidification capabilities were also a priority. We wanted compact equipment that would operate quietly and reliably and deliver cost-effective longevity. Environmental responsibility was also a focus. We designed our home to minimize our carbon footprint. After a great deal of research and consideration, we decided on a geothermal heat pump. Although the initial investment was significantly higher than any other type of system, the savings on monthly energy bills promised to recover the cost within five years. With the heat pump installed inside the house and protected from the weather, it can be expected to last upwards of twenty years. The underground loop system is warrantied for fifty years but should last twice that long. The excavation to implement the underground loop was a big part of the start up costs. However, there are tax incentives available, and we’re saving about 50% on our heating and cooling bills. The geothermal heat pump also provides virtually free hot water. Having a single unit covering both heating and cooling reduces maintenance needs. We like that operation is wonderfully quiet and clean. There is no worry over greenhouse gasses such as carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide or formaldehyde. The heat pump effectively combats high humidity and manages perfect year-round comfort.


central air conditioning in Birmingham Alabama

Dealing with excessive humidity

Birmingham, Alabama, is well-known for hot, sunny weather and excessive humidity.

When I relocated to the area, I knew that air conditioning would suddenly become a priority.

Until then, I’d always lived along the northern border of the country. Although I’d moved around a lot, I’d never strayed from those areas that require heating and a snow shovel for the majority of the year. The winters were long, freezing cold and kept me mostly indoors. Air conditioning was considered a luxury rather than a necessity. Living in Birmingham, I hide indoors during the summers to escape the oppressive heat and look forward to the cooler conditions of winter. I’ve discovered that high humidity is more than sticky and uncomfortable. It can cause health concerns and damage to home furnishings. A hot and moist environment is ideal for growing mold and mildew. Bacteria, viruses, dust mites and cockroaches thrive in that type of climate. Wood furnishings, such as musical instruments, antiques, doors and floors are in danger of swelling and warping. An abundance of humidity can be blamed for headaches, congestion, difficulty sleeping and lethargy. While the air conditioner helps with the moisture, it isn’t sufficient. I decided to invest into a whole-home dehumidifier. Installed into the central cooling system, the dehumidifier pulls moisture from the air as it travels through. It ensures recommended humidity levels at all times. Because of the dehumidifier, the house feels cooler at a higher thermostat setting, saving money on monthly electric bills. Less wear and tear on the air conditioner supports greater longevity and reliability. The dehumidifier runs quietly and requires only annual upkeep. I have it serviced along with the air conditioner every spring.



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Adding an energy recovery ventilator

The heat and humidity in Tampa can lead to issues with indoor air quality.

I run the central air conditioner just about year round.

Due to the considerable cost of cooling, it’s necessary to keep the house sealed up tight and avoid energy waste. I’ve replaced the windows and exterior doors and carefully caulked and weatherstripped. I’ve insulted the attic and encapsulated the crawl space. Preventing the cooled air from leaking out helps to reduce demands on the air conditioner. However, I’ve also eliminated natural ventilation. Since there is rarely an opportunity to open the windows and welcome in fresh air, the same stale air remains trapped in the house. There is no way to get rid of contaminants such as dust, dander, mold spores and bacteria. Even cooking smells are contained indoors and linger. When my kids started complaining of headaches and sneezing every time the air conditioner started up, I knew I needed to take action. I contacted a local Tampa HVAC provider, explained my concerns and asked for suggestions. He recommended the installation of an energy recovery ventilator. An ERV introduces a steady influx of fresh air and extracts the stale air without energy waste. It helps to get rid of pollutants, viruses, odors and even excess humidity. I’ve noticed that I don’t need to vacuum or dust as often. The air conditioner isn’t forced to run as often, and I’m paying considerably less in monthly energy bills. Because of the addition of the ERV, my family is breathing cleaner, healthier air. We are suffering from fewer health issues, sleeping better at night and feeling more productive during the day.

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Attending a hockey game in Tampa

Even inside the rink, the conditions are quite comfortable

My husband and I live in the northeastern part of the country. We are big hockey fans. While we watch as many NHL games as possible, we very rarely attend in-person. For the majority of the hockey season, the weather in our local area is extremely cold and snowy. We live approximately an hour’s drive from the nearest professional arena. There is a strong possibility of facing blizzard conditions or even a driving ban on the night of a game. We don’t want to spend the money on tickets and then be unable to actually attend the game. We prefer to watch from the comfort and safety of our living room, where we have access to snacks and control of the thermostat. A few years ago, my son moved to Tampa, Florida. He has season tickets to Tampa Bay Lightning games. My husband and I plan our visits to Tampa around catching a game. It is a very different experience. Instead of bundling up in heavy boots, wool coats, hats and scarves, we are able to wear shorts and T-shirts. Rather than brush snow off the car and scrape ice off the windshield, we run the air conditioner during the commute. There is always a crowd of people gathered in front of the venue, enjoying the sunshine, live music and refreshments. Even inside the rink, the conditions are quite comfortable. Plus, the Tampa Bay Lightning typically provide a winning season. Our home team up north never even makes the play-offs. Once we retire, my husband and I are planning to move to Tampa.


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