I wanted a divorce.

I had been trying to get my ex to give me a divorce for several years and I was afraid it would never happen.

It was in the spring of 2010, when I found out the divorce laws were changing in our state.

For years, Buffalo, NY and all of New York had such antiquated ideas on divorce that I wasn’t sure I could ever divorce him unless we moved out of state. I knew he would not move since Buffalo, NY was his hometown, but I was willing. I was ready to do anything I needed to get this man out of my life. In 2010, the state of New York finally came into the future and got rid of their antiquated laws pertaining to divorce. I could finally file for divorce with nothing other than a lack of breakdowns in the marriage, and we had been living apart for a year. Irreconcilable differences were now a reason for divorce. They had changed legal services in the state of New York, and I no longer wanted to move from Buffalo, NY. When our marriage was finally officially ended, I still had to consider what we were going to do with the kids. We could take care of most of the paperwork that pertained to the kids without the help of a lawyer, but we wanted to make sure they did everything properly. Like anything else, when having a marriage dissolved, we were told it would be best if we were to use a lawyer for everything involving divorce and family law.


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I have cancer and wanted a medical marijuana card.

When my mother passed away from cancer, we almost wished she would die.

She was having so much pain that I could feel it for her.

I watched her waste away to half of what she was when we were little. She still smiled and told me not to worry, but that didn’t stop me from worrying. She always had something good to say, no matter how bad she felt. Five years to the day she passed away, they diagnosed me with breast cancer. I knew what mom had gone through, but since then, they had legalized medical marijuana. I wouldn’t need to endure the pain and nausea of chemotherapy. I wouldn’t have to worry about the pain I would go through before and after each treatment. Before I got excited about getting a medical marijuana card, I had to find out if my cancer could get it for me. I went onto the Albuquerque, NM, website that gave all the rules and regulations for medical marijuana. I almost cried when cancer came up as an A-list reason for marijuana use. I went through all the steps for getting a medical marijuana card, including getting a doctor’s certification. That was easy to get. I talked to my doctor, who was the same doctor that treated my mother. He thought that medical marijuana was one of the best things they ever did. He praised Albuquerque, NM, for allowing it to be legalized. I praise them for allowing legal, medical marijuana because I’ll be starting my chemotherapy soon, and my medical ID card should be here shortly after.

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The ski resort is in a very remote area

Jack told everyone in the group that the winter place was in the middle of the woods and in a very remote area.

This year during Christmas break, I decided to go skiing with some friends. My mom and dad were not very happy that I decided to go skiing instead of going home for the holidays. I certainly wasn’t trying to hurt anyone’s feelings, but my friends offered to take me along and I didn’t have to pay anything at all. One of my friends from school has a dad that is pretty wealthy. The guy has a winter chalet in the Denver area. The place wasn’t being used during the winter break, because Jack’s dad had to be out of the country. He told Jack to use the place and bring some friends and he invited me to go. I paid for my plane ticket to Denver. We all took a flight and then a cab from the airport to the car rental station. We rented a big minivan with plenty of room for all of us and our luggage. After leaving the airport, we went to a Denver, Colorado recreational marijuana dispensary. Jack told everyone in the group that the winter place was in the middle of the woods and in a very remote area. If we wanted any marijuana supplies from town, we should stock up now. It was going to be several days before we came back to the city. After we left the Denver marijuana dispensary, we went to the grocery store and stopped up on perishables, water, and some other supplies that we knew were going to be necessary for our skiing excursion. It took an hour and 10 minutes to drive out to the ski area and Jack wasn’t lying about the location being remote.


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Moving to Elgin because I love Illinois

When we first moved to Elgin in Illinois, it was a big change for my family. My husband and I had both grown up and gone to college in the southern part of the country. We expected to raise our kids and spend our whole lives there. My kids were ages eight, six and four-years-old when my husband got offered a much better job. He was given a more prestigious title, upward potential and a significant raise in pay. We couldn’t pass up the opportunity. However, it meant moving north. It took us twenty-six hours of driving to reach Elgin. It is a charming town, and in the summer, the weather when we arrived was beautiful. There was blue skies, sunshine and flowers blooming. Although we didn’t know anyone, our neighbors were very friendly. They were also very helpful in providing information. Since we’d only visited Elgin briefly before the move, we had no idea of the best grocery store, coffee shop, restaurant, mechanic or hair salon. When the fall season arrived, we were all delighted with the crisp breeze, colorful leaves and great food. We’d never tasted grapes fresh off the vine, freshly picked apples or corn from a farmer’s market before. I had so much fun making zucchini bread, pumpkin pie and apple cobbler. We were not prepared for the brutality of the winter. The temperature seemed to drop overnight, and it started to snow. We didn’t own a snow shovel, an ice scraper or warm enough coats. The kids were excited to build snowmen, go sledding and try ice skating. I could hardly tolerate being outside for more than a few minutes at a time.

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Having air conditioning in the Summer is important for comfort

A few weeks ago, I went to visit my uncle who lives in Tampa. Prior to visiting he told me that he was having some air conditioning issues. He had purchased a unit from a major supplier, but the unit has malfunctioned three times since it was installed. After many calls and exchanges with the retailer and the manufacturer, the problem has not been fully resolved. Thankfully, he was able to purchase some temporary window A/Cs because the temperature inside his home rose close to 100 degrees. Living without an air conditioner in Tampa is not something that many people do. In fact, approximately 90 percent of homes in Florida have some form of air conditioning. And I assume that is a reflection of the homes in Tampa as well. Tampa is a great area, and I love visiting because there is so much to do and see. My favorite place to visit is the Riverwalk. I also enjoy Ybor City because they have some great bars. Additionally, Busch Gardens is literally a stone throw away from my uncle’s house. I also enjoy going to the concerts but during the Summer, it can get brutal being outside in the heat with no air conditioning. The weather in Tampa is much like it is around the state. It gets really hot during the day. So, having good air conditioning is important for comfort. Well, while I was at my uncle’s house, the window A/Cs worked fine, and I had no issue sleeping during the night. But I hope that he can get his A/C unit back sooner than later because it has been a while and he’s getting frustrated with the situation.


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I fell in love with Cocoa and would like to visit the city again

My aunt has a timeshare that she uses every year.

She usually takes a big trip to some exotic place via her timeshare.

She loves it because she gets to choose where she wants to go and not have to worry about booking hotel rooms or vacation rentals. Well, unfortunately, she got sick and was unable to use her timeshare this year. So, she asked me if I wanted to use it instead. Of course, I didn’t turn that down at all. In fact, before we finished talking about it, I was already researching places I wanted to stay. I found this incredible building in Cocoa that was right on the beach, and the condos looked amazing. It was right in the heart of Cocoa Beach, walking distance from all the restaurants, bars, and attractions. I selected Cocoa because I fell in love with that area a few years ago, even though the hotel that I stayed in was not up to par. My friends and I were on a weekend trip and the air conditioner in our hotel room broke down. It took them almost 24 hours to get it fixed. Having no air conditioner in the middle of Summer in Cocoa can lead to a miserable experience. The only thing that saved us was that the hotel was on the beach, and we had an oceanfront room. This means, we were able to open the sliding door to let some of the cool breeze in. Besides that little hiccup, we had a blast in Cocoa, so I would like to go back again. Hopefully, there will be no issue with the air conditioning at the timeshare.


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I wanted to go on the Salt River kayak trip, but my husband was afraid.

While visiting Phoenix, AZ, I saw a tour guide talking about the Salt River kayak trip.

I loved kayaking when I was younger, and I was sure I could still do it. My husband wasn’t hepped up on kayaking, but my cousin agreed to go with me. Her husband and mine stayed home and let us get wet. The Salt River kayaking trip was a two-hour adventure down the Lower Salt River which takes you through the Tonto National Forest. We set out from Saquaro Lake, paddled the Salt River and admired the native wildlife. It thrilled me to see the wild horses. Seeing the Tonto National Forest from the water was spectacular. We went early in the morning before it go too hot. We parked at the Saquaro Lake Guest Ranch, where we got instructions on kayaking and started the river tour. At 8 AM the temperature was 87 degrees, but it felt more comfortable since we were on the river and going through the mountains. By 10 AM, our tour had ended, and we wished we could have gone further. It was 92 degrees when we got out of the kayaks and into the air-conditioned shuttle that took us back to Saquaro Lake Guest Ranch. I had to admit that the Salt River kayak trip was one highlight of our trip to Phoenix, AZ. We were going to the Grand Canyon before we went home, and our husbands were going with us. That could be my next biggest highlight of our vacation.

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Lake Katherine Nature Center was a big draw for our kids.

My kids and I were visiting my mom, who lived in Chicago.

I hadn’t seen her in over a year, and my kids were excited to see their Grandma.

The first thing they wanted to do when we arrived was go to Orland Park and visit Lake Catherine Nature Center and Botanical Garden. Last summer we had been here, but it was too cool and rainy to have a good time. My kids wanted to try it again. We drove to Orland Park, IL, and found our way to Lake Catherine. I remembered mom bringing me here during the summer. I was such a relaxing venue with so many things to do. Mom and I were happy to walk around the botanical garden, but the kids wanted to go canoeing. They were now teenagers and as long as they were allowed to go alone; I was okay with it. They had been kayaking and canoeing since they were little tots. Their dad was an avid water lover, and he instilled that love in them. They were content to spend the morning walking and chatting with their grandma, and enjoying the botanical garden and experiencing nature. My oldest son asked why it was so cool? Where we lived, it was much warmer, and we were already using the air conditioning, even though it was early June. Grandma invited them to stay for the summer, and they begged. They wanted to experience a summer without air conditioning. I only wished I could have stayed, too. I missed mom and I miss the weather in Orland Park. IL.


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Keep it out of the sight of little ones.

One of the things I try to impress on the parents of my preschoolers and up to the age of ten, is to keep it for yourself.

  • Kids are impressionable and if they see their parents using marijuana or alcohol, they want to use it to.

You see kids pretending to smoke when they are playing. I’ve seen them pretending to stagger and said that is how daddy walks when he comes home from meetings. Last week, one of my little guys was inhaling and holding his breath, and I asked what he was doing. He said daddy did it when he smoked the funny looking cigarette. He coughs a lot and then he laughs. I called a meeting of all parents and told them to keep it to theirselves, and keep the marijuana or alcohol, and their using it, out of the sight of little ones. Remember that kids are impressionable so limit your use to situations where your kids are not present. I impressed upon the parents that secondhand cannabis smoke or vapor is still smoke and vapor. Secondhand smoke can be dangerous to their child’s health. It is also illegal to consume cannabis in a public space. If the kids are around when you are outside, it is a public place. I don’t want them to wait until the police from the Chicago, IL, police department go by and not only arrest them, but take their kids away to children and youth services. I don’t know if my parents were impressed with my presentation, but several of them took the handouts I offered, and saw others lowering their eyes. I wondered if they were suddenly feeling guilty.

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I didn't get a gram of concentrate, but they made it right

When my girlfriend and I were hanging out at her place, we ordered from an online marijuana dispensary that offered free delivery. The Portland, Oregon marijuana dispensary was on the other side of the city and neither one of us wanted to make the drive. Ordering for delivery meant paying a small fee to use my debit card and a tip, but I didn’t mind. My girlfriend and I ordered a half ounce of sativa marijuana and a half ounce of hybrid marijuana. We also bought 4 grams of cannabis concentrate products. One of the grams of cannabis concentrate was supposed to be a sativa called Blue dream. Unfortunately, the sativa that we ordered was not the one that was in the bag. I wasn’t going to call to complain about the Portland marijuana dispensary, but my girlfriend said they should make it right and I agreed with her. I called and asked to speak with the manager. I told the manager that I was supposed to get a gram of blue dream. She looked at my order to double-check and she asked me to take a picture of the products that I did receive. When she realized there was a mistake, she happily sent the delivery driver back out to our apartment with a gram of the concentrate that we were supposed to receive from the Portland marijuana dispensary. Both of us were happy to receive an extra gram of marijuana concentrate for free. I tipped the driver with another $5 bill since it wasn’t his fault that the order was not correct in the first place.

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