This is the way to live

Occasionally there are Fierce storms that plagued the Albuquerque area… These storms do not last a long time, however they can particularly dump a lot of rain.

  • They also have thunder and lightning, then lightning strikes occur frequently in Albuquerque, and my home has been struck by lightning 3 times; I have a power inverter and a generator just in case every one of us lose power.

The medical and recreational marijuana dispensary where I work, does not have a generator or any backup power. Last week there was severe weather and the power was knocked out. After 30 minutes, the power had not returned and I began to worry about the live resin concentrate every one of us had in the refrigerator. Live resin concentrates have to stay cool at a particular temperature. I monitored their refrigerator closely to make sure that the temperatures did not get too warm. The power was finally restored about more than one minutes later, however every one of us did not have any customers inside of the building while the power was out. Every one of us all sat in the cut room with our iphones. I played games on my iphone for an minute and then every one of us got up to walk around the Albuquerque cannabis shop. My legs were starting to ache from standing in a single place. After I got up to walk around, the power returned shortly and the storm seemed to blow out just as abruptly as it started. The temperature in the refrigerator only dropped by 2 degrees during the storm and resulting power failure, so every one of us didn’t have to get rid of any of the live resin concentrate.



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Cannabis is not legal here

My fiance and I currently live in a state where cannabis is not yet legal, every one of us recently bought tickets to a concert held at Red Rocks Amphitheater, but not only is this stadium iconic and an amazing stadium to love live rock n roll, however it’s located in Denver, CO, recreational weed is legal in Denver… Adults 21 years of age or older are allowed to buy up to a single ounce of marijuana, 8 grams of concentrate or cannabis products containing up to 790 milligrams of THC in a single transaction.

Every one of us were super excited to finally be able to walk into a dispensary and shop.

Although we’d looked at photos online, the people I was with and I were still amazed and impressed by the facility, but the dispensary is actually open, airy and modern. Every one of us immediately felt comfortable browsing and asking questions of the budtenders. Every one of us l earned that the dispensary creates their own edibles on-site and grows their own flower locally. My fiance and I had some trouble tighting down our choices. Every one of us finally decided to buy a few edibles and a tincture, because both methods are actually discreet. Every one of us couldn’t exactly light up a joint and smoke at the concert. The tincture bottle was tiny enough to conceal in a pocket and the cannabis gummies looked love ordinary candy. My fiance and I spent more than four days in Denver, and the people I was with and I made 4 trips to the dispensary… Unfortunately, it’s not legal to transport cannabis across state lines. Every one of us weren’t able to bring any marijuana goodies condo with us, but we’re already looking for tickets to another concert. Every one of us had such a great time.
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Stopping at dispensary in Denver and loving the experience

My spouse plus I spent five mornings in Denver, plus all of us made multiple trips to the dispensary… Unfortunately, it’s not legal to move cannabis across state lines

My spouse plus I currently live in a state where cannabis is not yet legal, however the two of us recently purchased tickets to a concert held at Red Rocks Amphitheater, but not only is this place iconic plus an amazing place to prefer live music, but it’s located in Denver, CO, recreational weed is legal in Denver… Adults 21 years of age or older are allowed to buy up to 1 ounce of marijuana, 8 grams of concentrate or cannabis products containing up to 710 milligrams of THC in a single transaction. The two of us were super gleeful to finally be able to walk into a dispensary plus shop. Although we’d looked at photos online, all of us were still amazed plus impressed by the facility. The dispensary is honestly open, airy plus modern. The two of us immediately felt comfortable browsing plus asking questions of the budtenders. The two of us l acquired that the dispensary creates their own edibles on-site plus grows their own flower locally, my spouse plus I had some trouble sliming down our choices. The two of us finally decided to buy a few edibles plus a tincture, because both methods are honestly discreet. The two of us couldn’t exactly light up a joint plus smoke at the concert. The tincture bottle was tiny enough to conceal in a pocket plus the cannabis gummies looked care about modest candy. My spouse plus I spent five mornings in Denver, plus all of us made multiple trips to the dispensary… Unfortunately, it’s not legal to move cannabis across state lines. The two of us weren’t able to bring any marijuana goodies new home with us, however we’re already looking for tickets to another concert. The two of us had such a good time.


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Taking tinctures in California

I live between San Fernando Valley & Beverly Hills, in close proximity to Franklin Canyon Park.

The Park covers over 600 acres near the center of Los Angeles & features oak woodlands, grasslands & chaparral. There’s a actually beautiful 3-acre lake & a duck pond with picnic grounds. There are also over multiple miles of excellent hiking trails. The Discovery trail is relatively straight-forward & curves around through black walnut trees along the canyon bottom. The Hastain Trail is a little over 2 miles round trip, more hard & follows a fire road up a slope! At the top there is a actually great overlook with views of west Los Angeles, lower Canyon & on clear afternoons, the Pacific ocean. The Berman Trail is moderate to hard & crosses the Santa Monica Mountains, but whenever our boyfriend & I have free time, both of us spend it at the park. The people I was with and I care about to make a quick stop at the dispensary before both of us head out on a hike, but since there is no smoking permitted in the park, both of us stick with edibles & tinctures… Both are actually transferable & totally discreet. The people I was with and I don’t need to pack any extra gear. The tinctures are especially convenient because the package fits in a pocket & includes a dropper for micro dosing. There’s no worry over melting & tinctures deliver a long shelf life, just a couple drops under the tongue for sublingual absorptions introduces the cannabinoids into the bloodstream actually hastily for rapid onset of effects! It’s the ideal way to de-stress, get energized & better care about our day.

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The repair guy could have charged more

My husband had a company meeting plus it was on the other side of the country.

I was cabin alone with all of the kids for the first time in a while. I was upset with the modern baby, however our mom came over to kneel with me on Saturday, then he made dinner for the kids so I could relax plus feed the baby, after dinner, I started looking for the kids. I did not see them anywhere, however the back door was wide open. I was a bit frustrated with the kids when I saw the door sitting open, because it was hot in the study room. It was all so hot in the residing room. I really did that to the open door, however it was a complication that persisted even after the door was closed. I panicked plus contacted an A/C repair service in Tampa Bay, as soon as I realized there might be a complication with the a/c. The service provider came to check on the machine; One of the first things he did was look at the control unit. It wasn’t showing any numbers at all. That was 1 of the reasons why I freaked out. I never considered the complication could be batteries. The control component batteries were dead as a doornail. A fresh set of batteries fixed the complication with the a/c. I felt like a complete fool for contacting the Tampa Bay service provider when the complication was absolutely fixed by a set of batteries. The Tampa Bay service provider could have charged me for the call, however the guy just laughed plus said it was no problem, he did not charge me anything at all plus provided me the batteries for free

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It was on a honeymoon to remember.

Everyone says they are planning on having a honeymoon to remember.

They plan on taking hundreds of photographs and putting them into a photo album.

They want to make sure that it is the most romantic honeymoon anyone could ever have. Unfortunately, most newlyweds do not know each other well enough to have such a long romantic honeymoon. Most of the photographs they take are on phones and forget to be transferred when they get a new phone. For my wife and I, we had already been living together for five years. Our honeymoon was the vacation we had been planning for the last three ‌of the five years we were living together. When we got to Toronto, Ontario, and realized they had legal recreational marijuana, we knew we were going to have a honeymoon that we wanted to remember. With three kids within three years, we needed this vacation/honeymoon. We headed to the Toronto, Ontario, downtown marijuana shop. We chose several marijuana products and took them back to her the hotel. We checked all the laws to see if it was legal for us to use the marijuana products in the Toronto, Ontario hotel. We did not leave the hotel room for the next three days, ordered all of our food through room service, and relaxed more than we had in the last five years. I don’t know if it was the marijuana, or just being in Toronto, Ontario, but we had a good time. We never got to see Niagara Falls, but I guess it wasn’t necessary. It was a honeymoon we would always remember.

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I didn't like spending all day in the heat

During the summer that I turned 21, I found myself working at the Seattle Aquatic Center in town.

I went to work every morning at 6 a.m.

and I didn’t get home until after the sun was starting to go down. I didn’t have a particularly difficult job. I was a lifeguard at the pool and it was my responsibility to make sure that none of the children drowned. Sometimes I helped out with the junior swim classes. After a month of sitting outside in the heat, I was ready for a different job. My skin was twenty shades darker and I had big sunburns marks on my shoulders and knees. One of my friends told me about a job opportunity at a Seattle dispensary. The Seattle dispensary was hiring, but you had to be 21 years old. My friend wasn’t old enough yet, but my birthday had been the previous week. I got the information from my friend and I contacted the dispensary in Seattle to see if they were still hiring. The manager got on the phone and asked if I could come to the building for an interview on the same day. I could not get out of work until 5 p.m., but the Seattle marijuana dispensary manager waited for me to arrive. She started the interview as soon as I walked through the door. We talked for 15 or 20 minutes and then she offered me a job working inside of the dispensary. I didn’t even have to take a drug test, because you don’t have to worry about marijuana when you work in a dispensary.



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The commercial repair company went belly up after two years

It’s really hard for a small business to stay afloat.

It’s important to pick the right business and timing is important too.

I decided to attend technical school after high school and I learned how to repair and service heat pumps, furnaces, and air conditioners. I found a job working for a Tampa Bay service provider. Not long after I got the job, I was promoted to the lead technician position. I learned really quickly about all of the different systems. Two years later, I decided to start a company of my own. I handle most specialty heating and air conditioning equipment as well as air filtration equipment like air purifiers, water filters, and air cleaning equipment. I install ventilation systems and ductwork. I have a large amount of commercial business, because I am one of the only companies in the area that have a crew of Nate certified technicians on staff. A large commercial repair company came to town about 2 years ago. I honestly thought I was going to be in trouble, because the place had low prices. Thankfully for me but unfortunately for the customer, the place did not have very good customer service. The reviews were horrible and the commercial repair company in Tampa Bay went belly up in less than 2 years. My business is still thriving after 10, so I am clearly doing something right that other businesses aren’t doing. My prices are competitive and I work hard for all of the technicians to maintain a great relationship with the customers. I believe we go the extra mile and I am almost certain this is the reason why we stand apart from the other competitors.

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After Christmas, all of the tree items were on sale

The marijuana dispensary on the west side of town had a huge promotion during the Christmas season.

They had a tree in the lobby with a variety of ornaments hanging from the branches.

Each one of the items was something special. The items were $20 each, but you didn’t know what you were going to get. I never took one of the boxes, because I was afraid I would get something like Edibles that I would not be able to use. After the holidays were over, the Denver dispensary offered all of the leftover boxes at a huge discount. When the boxes were discounted, I decided to pick 3 items out of the case. The first box had a half gram jar of cannabis distillate. The Cannabis distillate was an Indica strain that I knew very well. The second box from the Denver dispensary contained a gram of top-shelf infused flower. That was probably the best item out of the three boxes. The infused marijuana goes for a whopping $30 each gram. The third box contains a battery for a vape pen. The pods for that particular battery are much more expensive than I would prefer to pay, so I gave that item to one of my friends. I kept all of the other products that I got from the Denver marijuana dispensary. I hope they have the same sale next year. I will wait until after the season sale and stock up on clearance products. I don’t mind having last season’s products at all as long as they are still within the sell-by date.

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My son is stationed two hours from the city

I wasn’t particularly happy when my son came home and told me that he was going to join the military.

To be honest, I wanted him to have a job in an office.

I didn’t want my baby to ever work a hard day in his life. He chose the military as his profession and I didn’t understand his decision. I tried to persuade him to change his mind, but ultimately I gave up and let him choose a future that he wanted. He moved around a lot for the first couple of years and then he settled down in a small city about 2 hours West of Denver. I decided to go to Denver last year to stay for two weeks. I stayed with a friend that lives in a retirement community in Denver. My son wanted me to stay with him, but I wanted to be in the city with my friends. I think my son understood. He came to visit several times while I was in Denver. My son was very surprised when he found out that I was using recreational marijuana products. It’s not as if it was a secret, but it was information that I had not previously shared with my son. I did not want him to have ill feelings towards me and I did not know his opinion on recreational marijuana. We had a very frank and honest discussion while I was in town and the two of us have a better relationship now than we ever did in the past.

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