We each get something with it

My wife is a big wine fan.

I wanted to take her on a trip where she could do some wine tasting, but I would have something to do as well.

I wanted to stay in the US as well. I looked around at the different locations trying to find a place that would work for both of us. I then landed on NM because the landscapes were just great. Then I started finding that there are a lot of different wineries as well as wine tasting events there. Secondly, NM has legal weed for sale. I found lots of different cannabis dispensaries, cannabis cafes as well as events. I am a huge marijuana lover. I care about smoking, trying an edible as well as perusing the CBD creams. I found that Albuquerque, NM has a wonderful selection of wineries as well as cannabis dispensaries. Casa Rondeña was one of the places that stood out to me. The vineyards were large as well as the winery was huge as well. The actual place looked gorgeous with all the plants, flowers as well as vines. There also is a wine shop and wine tasting room. My plan is to take our wife to Case Rondeña as well as let her tour the winery, taste some different wines as well as spend hours while she shops around. The next morning will be all for me. I want to experience a vape lounge, dab bar as well as try all sorts of new cannabis products. I think the two of us will both enjoy each other’s events. There are other things I like to do in NM as well. There are all kinds of museums as well as walking trails.
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The food is just great in Albuquerque

The first thing I did when I moved to Albuquerque was start trying out all the local Mexican hot spots

I care about Mexican food. You just can’t go wrong with it. As someone who doesn’t eat meat, it is a single one of the only cuisines that effortlessly caters to our diet. With most cuisines, they are going to put meat in there sometime. Mexican food utilizes spicy peppers as well as bell peppers which are some of our number one vegetables. I also care about hot food. The more heat the better, quesadillas, tacos, burritos, fajitas, you name it, I will eat it. There were a lot of reasons I wanted to go to NM. One reason is I wanted to get a job at a cannabis dispensary as well as there are tons of them there. The local cannabis shops are high end places that cater to a broad range of customers. Tourists flock to Albuquerque really to experience recreational weed. I also enjoyed that Albuquerque had hiking trails, wonderful bars as well as the best restaurants nearby. When I started looking at the local restaurants as well as seeing all the Mexican food, I was so down. There are so many places that serve Mexican cuisine. They don’t just simply take beans as well as rice as well and then put them in a flour wrap. They each have their own special sauce, chili as well as salsa. The first thing I did when I moved to Albuquerque was start trying out all the local Mexican hot spots. I now have a place that I like the salsa the best as well as a place that I like the queso the best. I am consistently down when someone wants to eat out. I am quick to name a Mexican joint because who doesn’t want to eat a taco?

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A quick trip ended up being a good time

My best friend Sal as well as I recently went on a quick trip to Albuquerque, NM.

The two of us wanted a location that legitimately had everything.

In Albuquerque there are hiking trails, cute hotels, neat bars, cannabis stores as well as all sorts of museums. Basically anything you want, this little town has it. Sal asked me if I wanted to see the Albuquerque Isotopes while the two of us were in the city. I didn’t even look up what it was. An isotope is a world thing, I remembered that from college. I figured she wanted to do some boring world and earth museum thing as well as told her I could do it. I didn’t realize that it was legitimately the name of the local baseball team. I had never been to a baseball match in my entire life. It was legitimately kind of cool seeing the locals lose it over a game. Sal as well as I tried the Isotope’s Slammin’ Amber which was a local beer that everyone was drinking at the game. I got some chips as well as Sal got a large corn dog . The two of us watched the game where the two of us had no clue on the rules as well as the player positions. It was still fun watching something that made everyone lose their minds. It also was neat to say I had been to a baseball game. The local team won which was doubly fun as well. My friend as well as I got a bit tipsy that night and both agreed it was the best evening of the whole trip. I might even go to another baseball game in a different state. It was really great.

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I can bike easily in New Mexico

I am legitimately into biking.

I started out just buying a simple bike to save on gas. In Albuquerque, it is not like there is loads of traffic as well as people scooting around. I wanted to bike to stay active as well as also get to local bars as well as shops easier. I like hopping on our bike as well as going over the local cannabis shops. A lot of the cannabis shops don’t have the best parking. With our bike I can just tie it up to a tree as well as walk right into the shop. I can start up with a few edibles, different oils as well as a new vape if I want. I pile them in our bike bag as well as call it then and there. I have expanded our biking quite a bit. The bike that I visit cannabis shops is a fun bike. This bike has bigger tires, a bag and is a pretty purple color. If I want to get extreme as well as legitimately bike in the dirt as well as along trails, I use the trail bike. My trail bike has whisper thin tires, tons of different gears, a water bottle stand and this one is bright blue. One hiking trail I care about biking on is Bear Canyon, and don’t get this confused with AZ, I am talking about NM. I can bike a very long distance on all sorts of turf when I do the open loop of Bear Canyon. It is such a fine workout for myself and others as well as I am outside in the sunshine. I enjoy that I can see locals and tourists alike walking around. I like that I can just stop and enjoy the fresh air.



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A community center for everyone

I am a large fan of the Off Center Community Arts Project. Here in Albuquerque the group of us have a nonprofit center where local artists can be themselves. You have access to a studio space where you can do your work in peace. Anyone can have a space in the studio. Art is a very broad as well as loose spectrum too! People who paint, sew, create jewelry as well as play an instrument are all at the studio space. I care about the vibe there as well as the peace. I like that I can set up our easel, bring my oils as well as not be distrubed. If I want to talk to local artists like myself, it is consistently okay. I have made quite a few friends through Off Center. I am legitimately big in acquiring donations to keep the place going. Also, I do deliver a painting class every evening at 3 pm as well as all the money goes back into the center. A lot of the local artists will be giving sewing classes, crafts, instrument lessons, you name it. It is important to keep our community going. Not only is encouraging art a fine thing, but having a safe space for young boys. There are young gentlemen that go to Off Center that might not have the best homelife, however here at the studio, they feel safe. Off Center also has been known to draw in tourists as well as help us raise cash. Most people come to NM looking for recreational marijuana. Both of us have tons of dispensaries here. However, travelers soon find our state has a lot more to offer.


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Found my wine tasting spot

I really love red wine. When I turned twenty one I hunted around trying to find the drink that was for me. I think beer looks like pee, and vodka, scotch, tequila, all of those hard liquors are just lucky to me. I can’t drink them straight as well as I don’t like the idea of a sugary mixer with it. Wine just legitimately stood out to me over the rest. I started getting into wine as well as where it was made. I started looking for particular years of certain wines. I now go to wine tasting events in our beach house state of NM all the time. I care about trying new wines as well as from local people. Once a month I make it a fun little evening out for myself. One place I like to go to is the slate street cafe. It is a more interesting evening out when I do our wine tasting. There is a separate wine house where you can order food to pair with the unique wines you are trying. The food as well as the ambience legitimately is just fantastic. When a wine tasting is happening at the cafe I am booking our ticket. I usually drag a buddy with myself and others as well as the two of us have a fine time. It legitimately gives you everything you could possibly want in an evening out. You get food, wine, a neat atmosphere as well as conversation. I like talking with the workers at the cafe, the people selling the wine as well as other tasters. Both of us wine people have our own little culture as well as are protective over it. Even if you didn’t like wine, the slate street cafe has something for everyone.

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Odd first date choice

Smoking a bit of cannabis flower just added to our already great state of mind

I live in Albuquerque and there are many things I like to do here. One thing that a lot of people recommend doing is heading over to the Indian Pueblo cultural center. I hadn’t done that until a date recently. I found it kind of weird that my date would want to learn about the cultures as well as traditions of NM’s pueblos. There were even tours to learn about the Native culture. I wasn’t legitimately all that interested as well as I am not a history fan at all, even though I live in NM, my knowledge was quite small! Surprisingly the date was a lot of fun though. I didn’t realize that the outdoor amphitheater also has shows going on. They are people dressed in traditional garb as well as they do a lot of cool dances. On the weekends, obviously live music is playing and it really turned into a very fun, but different date. That is what my date as well as I did. Both of us watched some dancing, listened to rock n roll as well as then walked downtown. After brunch our date even suggested popping into a single of the marijuana dispensaries. I found it kind of cool that he mentioned cannabis over getting a drink. I legitimately care about smoking over alcohol anyway. It was a nice end to the date. Watching as well as listening to the rock n roll was absolutely fun however quite peaceful. Smoking a bit of cannabis flower just added to our already great state of mind. It was a legitimately wonderful first date. I am going to see that guy again.

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The 1920s bar and rooftop

I travel a lot for my job as well as my boyfriend comes with me.

He has a job that is totally online based.

It isn’t a problem to pack up a computer as well as type in a hotel room. I just make sure to get a large hotel room and sometimes I try for a business center. I also try to get a nicer place in a bustling district. That way if my boyfriend finishes work, he has something else to do, however recently our job took myself and my boyfriend to NM, especially Albuquerque. I started looking around at hotels as well as found a boutique hotel with a 1920s flair. It has a prohibition theme as well as all time drinks. The best is the rooftop bar as well as lounge however. You can go up super high as well as drink while overlooking the city. In the evening the lights along the bar legitimately provide a wonderful view. I knew that every evening our boyfriend would want to have a drink on the rooftop as well as enjoy the evening air while overlooking the city. The actual hotel room was harshly neat with the old time theme as well as the beds were quite comfortable. It also was in a central location to a lot of different restaurants, bars as well as cannabis dispensaries. My boyfriend as well as I aren’t large smokers but it was nice having the option. Our state doesn’t have cannabis shops on every corner. Being near a single made it easy to just have an edible at the end of the day to wind down. Both of us legitimately enjoyed going to see that spot. It proved to be a very good time and fun.
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Honeymoon destination: Albuquerque

My fiance as well as I are looking for a honeymoon spot.

With corona-virus still being a problem it makes things not easy! At first the two of us wanted to go to Portugal as well as spend two weeks seeing the beaches, kayaking as well as seeing the waterfalls.

With that part of the world shut down the two of us hunted around in Europe… The travel bans are so tight that it doesn’t look possible for us. Now I am looking for something within the US that would work as a honeymoon destination. I haven’t done a lot of local traveling, so I am clueless on all the individual states as well as what they have to offer. I did find that Albuquerque, NM has quite a lot to give. I found a lot of unique resorts that have spas as well as rooms that look over wide sweeping landscapes. I like the idea of getting pampered on our honeymoon as well as just looking at the wonderful land around us. There is also a place named Old Town that seems to have a lot of tours, stores as well as other things I like to do, but of course there are the official history museums, bars as well as nighttime fun. Another thing that is drawing myself and others towards NM is that there are legal cannabis dispensaries there. I think it might be fun to try some edibles or smoke cannabis oil on our honeymoon. My fiance as well as I have never smoked before because our state is so tight about it. It could be a fun, wild thing that the two of us do on our honeymoon. A little weed as well as relaxation sounds just like the perfect recipe for romance.

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Taking the kids for a Pride bike ride was a lot of fun

This year to celebrate Gay Pride week, my partner plus I both decided to take our three children to visit San Francisco, CA.

My partner Max plus I have never been to CA plus it was the first time that our children crossed over the border as well.

All of us have been living down in Nevada for such a long time. Nevada plus CA have both legalized recreational marijuana. Washington, Oregon, plus CA all have passed recreational marijuana laws plus they hug the west coast. I knew it would be fun to visit CA during annual pride week. My partner plus I spent a luck for our hotel accommodations, so all of us tried to arrange some fun outdoor activities that wouldn’t cost a lot of money. My partner plus I took the kids on a city-wide Pride bike ride that was a lot of fun. All of us rented e-bikes plus rode across the rainbow decorated Golden Gate Bridge. All of us could see a variety of attractions from atop the Golden Gate Bridge, including the neighborhood of Chester, a steamboat that crashed under the bridge back in 1890. All of us all enjoyed seeing Alcatraz Island from the Golden Gate bridge as well. Our bike ride across the Golden Gate Bridge was enjoyable, even though it was quite windy plus a little cold that morning. My family plus I had a beautiful time in CA, plus San Francisco will regularly become a location that is quite near plus dear to our heart. I hope all of us can visit San Francisco in the future to celebrate the gay pride bike ride again. Our family enjoyed all of the events plus the gay pride parade was a beautiful sight. It was pretty amazing to see all of those proud people.


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